FASS Universal Diesel Fuel Sump Kit Bowl Only

FASS Universal Diesel Fuel Sump Kit Bowl Only

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 Universal Applications, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax and Dodge Cummins


Sump kits lower the suction point and gather all your tanks fuel to one central location to maximize the usage of available fuel. Our “No Drop” Sump kits are designed to install without having to remove your factory fuel tank, the unique design makes installation quick and simple for even beginner mechanics. As with all sumps we designed ours with a ½” fuel line port on the outside wall to decrease installation difficulty of our FASS fuel pump product line. When combined with our Bulkhead Suction Tube Kit, fuel can be drawn from inside the tank, both methods will help eliminate the dreaded ¼ issue that is known to haunt Dodge Cummins Owners

Sump Fuel Bowl Kit Features:

”No Drop” Installation

Lowers Fuel Suction Location

Eliminates ¼ Tank Fuel Issue

Unique Design For Simple Installation

½ Fuel Suction Port


This product is suggested to be installed with our FASS Titanium Series Lift Pumps. The larger suction tubes and Fuel Sump Bowl improve fuel delivery and work perfectly with a higher volume fuel pumps.


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