07-12 Cummins 6.7 Custom RPI 4" Intake System
RPI Diesel

07-12 Cummins 6.7 Custom RPI 4" Intake System

Regular price $329.99

This is our 4" Full Metal Cold Air Intake system for 07.5-12 Cummins 6.7  

This system uses 4" Inch T6 Aluminum intake tubing all the way to turbo for ultimate air flow!

You will have faster spool up, lower egt's, Horsepower gains you can feel, some Mpg gain, and a turbo whistle that will make people look when your going through town!

Our system adds 25+ Horsepower!

Has a bolt in heat shield that is very well sealed to keep underhood temps away from the Filter, it provides a fresh cold air supply straight to the filter for lower egt's and better performance. It is normal to see 150-250 deg drop in egt's with this system.

Comes with S&B Oiled Filter

These are Custom built to order,  so it takes 7-14 days to ship out, depending on how many orders we have that week.

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