04.5-07 Cummins 63/10 HE351CW Upgrade

04.5-07 Cummins 63/10 HE351CW Upgrade

Regular price $1,529.10

5.9L ProRam 64

This is the ultimate turbocharger upgrade for your daily driver and towing application. As a direct stock replacement unit, you're gauranteed to have perfect fitment without hassle. Our all new 63.5mm Forged Mill Wheel offers unmatched durability with a broad power band and strong torque curve. No sacrifice in spool-up makes this great for the 350-650hp market.

-Fits 2003-2007 5.9L Cummins
-Direct Stock Replacement
-63.5mm FMW 7-blade Compressor Wheel
-High Flow 10-Blade Turbine Wheel
-Lower EGT's and Drive Pressure Compared to Stock
-Quick spool-up for ultimate drivability and towing
-Supports up to 650hp

$250.00 Refundable Core Charge Required, will be invoiced to you after you order.

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